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Mims Engineering, Inc.  - Mechanical engineering design and administrative services
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Mike Lee
Project Manager

(256) 881-4126 ext.113

Mr. Lee has over 27 years experience in mechanical design and construction of fire protection, mechanical, plumbing and piping systems. This experience covers a wide spectrum of project types and clients. Design includes computerized plans, specifications, cost estimating, shop drawing review as required.

Responsibilities include:
Construction administration
Project management for new construction, renovation and design/build projects.

Examples of Government/Municipality Clients:

  • Water Pollution Control (WPC) Huntsville, AL
  • City of Huntsville Schools
  • Florence City Schools
  • Madison County Schools
  • Mobile District Corps of Engineers
  • Redstone Arsenal Directorate of Public Works
  • University of Alabama in Huntsville

Examples of specific project involvement:

  • Systems Software Engineering Annex Phase-I Redstone Arsenal, AL Design/build for fire protection and plumbing systems for 80,000 sf facility. The two-story facility consists of high bay workspace for maintenance and testing, software engineering laboratories, and facility administration space. Other elements of the facility include a fitness center, video teleconference room, meeting rooms, training rooms, offices, and vaults.
  • Life Safety Study: Redstone Arsenal, AL Evaluated 68 multiple and single story buildings at RSA. Identified violations of NFPA 101, 90a, & 90b Life Safety Codes and Americans with disability accessibility act guidelines (ADAAG). developed solutions to correct identified violations with estimated cost of construction. Phase-II was a study of 49 buildings of different occupancies.
  • Madison City High School (James Clemons) $58 Million construction, Approx. 325,000 sf facility
  • Knox Creek east pump station and sanitary sewer, Huntsville, AL
  • Dupree-worthy pump station, force main and gravity sanitary sewer, Huntsville, AL
  • Beadle Lane pump station and sanitary sewer, Huntsville, Al.
  • Big Cove pump station and sanitary sewer, Huntsville, Al.
  • Flint River pump station Huntsville, Al.
  • Huntsville Utilities downtown office renovation, Huntsville, Al.

Mims Engineering, Inc. - Mechanical engineering design and administrative services
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